Our vision is to be the preferred self-drive vehicle hire solution provider in Myanmar. Our mission is to:

  • Provide vehicle hire solutions (excluding drivers and fuel) to our business partners 24/7, allowing them to focus on their core business.
  • Drive growth by delivering high-perceived value to our business partners.
  • Optimize fleet selection, constantly manage depreciation levels, and drive utilization daily to turn new vehicles into used vehicles, profitably.
  • Manage fleet risk through constant analysis, and innovative solutions to challenges.
  • Judiciously balance the needs of our stakeholders:
    • Our business partners – the source of future revenues.
    • Our shareholders – our owners who must be properly compensated for their risk on capital.
    • Our vendors – who need to perceive we deal with them fairly to ensure a productive on-going relationship.

Our Commitments to Our Business Partners

  • Hot line access 24 hours per day seven days per week, 365 days a years for genuine assistance to keep your fleet on the road
  • A minimum backup fleet of five percent of vehicles leased to ensure replacement vehicles are immediately on hand
  • Full accident management support to navigate through the complex issues that can arise with third parties, insurance companies, police, on-site management and repair procedures
  • All vehicle maintenance will be carried in approved manufacturers workshops using genuine parts ensuring full vehicle reliability and driver safety
  • The maintenance program will follow the exact manufacturers recommended scheduled services
  • Yoma Fleet staff will liaise directly with vehicle custodians to provide a replacement vehicles whilst each service is carried out
  • Yoma Fleet staff will manage tire rotation, alignment, balancing and replacement
  • Vehicles will be maintained in a fully registered state at all times
  • Yoma Fleet will manage your fleet by vehicle type to rotate vehicles to ensure kilometer usage remains even throughout the fleet
  • Drivers with poor driving records will be identified and reported to allow appropriate administrative action, and driver training offered as required
  • Left hand drive vehicles fully meet occupational safety standards

We enable you to focus on your core business with great peace of mind!

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