Contract Hire

Financial Advantages

  • Contract Hire payments are fully tax deductible

  • Company vehicles are off balance sheet

  • Yoma Fleet takes the residual risk so no potential loss on vehicle disposal

  • No major capital outlay to run a modern left-hand drive fleet

  • Allows the release of capital for use in more profitable core areas of your business

  • Your existing lines of credit remain intact

  • Lease payments are fixed resulting in simplified budgeting

  • Yoma Fleet volume purchasing power will result in a more cost-effective solution for running your vehicle fleet

  • Flexible early hand-back provisions

Administrative Benefits

  • Frees up staff time to concentrate on core business

  • Full vehicle maintenance is managed totally by Yoma Fleet

  • Purchase and disposal is the responsibility of Yoma Fleet

  • Only one monthly payment for your total fleet simplifies vehicle related administration

  • Replacement vehicles are provided by Yoma Fleet alleviating the necessity to run a pool fleet

  • Full tire replacement and maintenance management

  • All vehicle registration administration taken care of

  • 24/7 roadside breakdown assistance or replacement

  • Onsite accident assistance in a challenging market

  • Fleet rotation management to ensure even kilometer usage

  • Full international standard Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

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